by Jeanne Montgomery in Miscellaneous

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Jeri Lynne
Beautiful work Jeanne! Love it! ❤️
Hey Jeanne! Billy boy was telling me about your art work and efforts! Great work! I had no Idea! after all these years ya little stinker! You've got a great eye, and real talent! Love your work and you! God bless and we'll be reading about you in NY. soon enough. Always rooting for you~sweet! Love ya Ed G.
It is a really informative art related blog where everybody can post or share his work. And for all this, the true credit goes to the admin of the blog who starts his blog with this brilliant idea. Glad to have the different work.
Your art is so beautiful and unique... Truely inspiring - music within your soul. It's absolutely lovely.
Jeanne I love your art u are very talented I currently have about 5 of your one of a kind pieces
Jeannie I love your artwork I currently own about five of your pieces I cannot wait to get more you are a very talented woman thank you Delia
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